Part Six. Harmonies of the Mind

Part Six

Harmonies of the Mind

Physics and Physiology of Self


The brain is an orchestra playing a harmonious symphony of the Mind that we experience as the unity of our picture of the world and ourselves in this world. Violations of this process, which we call mental pathologies, lead to dissonances and even complete disintegration of the picture.

How do billions of neurons perform this symphony? In other words, how does the brain create a coherent and integral model of reality while maintaining the identity of each encoded signal? In neuroscience, this question is called the binding problem.

The harmony of the Mind is a physical phenomenon, and it must be explained physically. The author solves this riddle, based on the Theory of Energy Harmony and the Teleological Transduction Theory developed in the previous volumes of the series. The book describes the physical binding mechanism that makes the symphony of the Mind harmonious and reveals the subtle nuances of its physiological implementation in the brain.

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