Part Six. Harmonies of the Mind

Part Six

Harmonies of the Mind

Physics and Physiology of Self


We are so accustomed to the fact that our brain, during its normal operation, forms a picture of the world that allows us to navigate and survive in it, that we perceive our consciousness as a mirror of the world. But we cannot comprehend the world except through our senses and the processing of environmental signals by our brain. The Mind is not a mirror image but the process of transduction of signals and creating their representations as patterns of the nervous system activity. The adaptability of the reality model and the survival of the individual depends on the work of the brain.

The brain is a dynamic oscillatory system with a complex polyphonic and polyrhythmic structure. The adaptive state of Self is a consequence of internal harmony, as a physical process of synchronization of frequencies and phases of different nervous system elements. In this sense, the brain is a musical instrument that plays the notes, melodies, chords, and rhythms of the music of the Mind.

To “hear” and understand this music, a radical paradigm shift of standard neuroscience models is needed. Mainstream theories consider the neural code as a set of identical discrete impulses of neural activity and ignore all the nuances of polyphonies and polyrhythms that create an intricate but harmonious symphony of the Mind.

In the sixth part of the study, the author develops the hypotheses about physics, physiology and technology of the process proposed in the previous parts and shows how the brain manages to combine a wide variety of incoming signals into a harmonious and adaptive model of reality.

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