Part Three. Music of Life

Part Three

Music of Life

Physics and Technology of Living Matter


What is living matter? How does it differ from the inanimate? Many have tried to answer this fundamental ontological question. Most often, the answer was reduced to the idea that living matter differs from inanimate by the presence of a Soul. At the same time, the Soul was defined as a special entity, separate from Matter. This idea of an object “Soul” inside the object “Body” exists throughout civilization’s history. It gave rise to theosophy and philosophy’s central question about the relationship between Body and Soul, Matter and Mind. In this way of statement, the question inevitably remains unanswered because it originates from a fundamental mistake of objectification: taking the process inside matter for a unique non-material object.

On the one hand, the Mind is the closest concept to us, and, on the other, more mysterious than Matter. There is a paradox: everyone understands what it is about, but when it comes to explaining what it is physically and how it works, we cannot say anything definite. The absence of a physical explanation led to the idea of the immateriality of the Mind and, therefore, inaccessibility for study and understanding. But even in the materialistic approach, attempts to define the Mind as an object of research vanished in a fog of uncertainty. All concepts boiled down to the same definition: Mind is our sensations, feelings, thoughts, desires, memories, etc. Thus, the illusion of an answer in the form of a tautological cycle was created: Mind is Mind.

We need a breakthrough from this vicious circle towards a real answer to a direct question about the physical mechanism of Mind’s work without pathetic excuses referring to immaterial nature that cannot be studied. We try to avoid the problem, but it comes back, requiring a specific answer and not beating around the bush.

The author clearly raises this question and tries to give an equally straightforward answer to it, showing the general principles of physics and technology of the process. This connects the necessary aspects of the description, which will be revealed in the details of our body’s physiology from the systemic to the molecular level in subsequent parts of the study.

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