Part Eight. Dissonances of the Mind

Part Eight

Dissonances of the Mind

Psychopathology as Disturbance of the Brain Technology


In psychotherapy and psychiatry, mental illness diagnostics is limited to the description of symptoms and has nothing to do with assessing the state of the organ that performs the mental functions. In other branches of medicine, any diagnosis aims to answer the question about the physical disturbance of the internal technology of the body. But the Mind remains outside of this correct approach. As a result, all systemic mental pathologies are currently incurable. This absurd situation is due to the lack of a physically grounded theoretical model of the Mind. Without it, practical treatment of the disorders remains ‘wandering in the dark.’ How can we fix something if there is no understanding of what it is and how it works?

Within the Teleological Transduction Theory developed in the previous volumes of the series, harmony of the Mind is a physical concept of normal functioning. Respectively, when the pathologies are described as dissonances, it is not a metaphor but a reference to the physical and technological malfunction leading to the disintegration of consciousness.

The author does not aim to describe all pathologies in this book. His mission is to create a concept as a universal tool that can be used in different situations and various ways. He suggests an entirely novel approach to analysing, diagnosing, and classifying mental pathologies. As an example, he develops a model of such systemic pathologies as autism and schizophrenia, uncovering the essence of the underlying problem that causes the observed symptoms. This physical, physiological and technological explanation of the states of chronic dissonance of the Mind may be the beginning of the transition to the actual diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses as brain disorders.

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