Part Two. Theory of Energy Harmony

Part Two

Theory of Energy Harmony

Mechanism of Fundamental Interactions


Previous attempts to create a ‘theory of everything’ failed as they proposed different mechanisms for various interactions. But the main problem is that these models use virtual entities as an explanation for the actual phenomena. For example, the Standard Model of particle physics explains all interactions as the process of virtual particles exchange. What seems to be a convenient way out of the conundrum leads to a dead-end. Each time the experiment results fall out of the model’s predictions, it has to invent a new particle or new rules for the old particles. This is proclaimed as a discovery and a triumph of the model. But the sad truth is that it means that the model does not have actual predictive power. All its ‘predictions’ are post hoc explanations. It can invent any virtual entity to patch holes in the explanatory base, but this means that the model doesn’t reveal the physical mechanism and becomes a belief system.

This book proposes a paradigm shift that gets rid of the ‘ghosts’ of the old models and takes us back to the physical sense. The author continues to build a unified concept based on the hypothesis proposed and developed in the first part of the study about the universal mechanism of energy interactions from macrocosmic to nuclear levels. This concept is grounded on the research of many generations of scientists. It just takes their ideas a little further and overcomes the disintegrated state of different areas of physics. The book also contains bridges to the following volumes of the series that will take us to the biophysical model of how living systems form, function, develop and adapt to the world in which they exist. Taken together, both models will form the Symphony of Matter and Mind.

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