Part Two. Theory of Energy Harmony

Part Two

Theory of Energy Harmony

Mechanism of Fundamental Interactions


In the second part of the study, the author continues to build a unified concept of fundamental energy interactions based on the hypothesis of a universal physical mechanism operating at all levels of matter. Rejection of the dogmas of the Theory of Relativity and the Standard Model of elementary particle physics allows us to look at the observed phenomena in a new way and find the key to building a “theory of everything,” combine theory and practice, create a model with explanatory and predictive power.

The universal mechanism considered by the author also applies to living forms of matter. Previous attempts to create a biophysics theory were based on the hypothesis that there are special physical laws for living matter. The search for these laws goes on for a long time and without success. Perhaps this is the result of an incorrect formulation of the question and problem.

The author proposes to change the perspective and shows what general laws exist in all forms of matter. The proposed concept creates a bridge between physics and biology, preparing the basis for building a bridge between Matter and Mind in the following parts of the study.

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