Part Two. Theory of Energy Harmony

Part Two

Theory of Energy Harmony

Mechanism of Fundamental Interactions


Current mainstream theories of physics, the Standard Model of particle physics and the General Theory of Relativity, are incompatible due to the different mechanisms that they offer as explanations of fundamental energy interactions. This is considered the main problem for unifying them into a ‘theory of everything.’ Unfortunately, the problems are not limited to this issue.

Both theories contain arbitrary variables and constants that do not have any physical meaning and are fitted to the results of experimental tests every time the predictions fail. Moreover, the equations lead to infinities that are hidden by mathematical tricks to adjust the solutions to reality. Many physicists consider this internal inconsistency to be a sign of the mathematical ingenuity of the models. However, the sad truth is that the descriptive and explanatory basis of the models is a muddle and the predictive power is zero. Thus, they are practically useless. On top of this, both postulate the existence of virtual entities responsible for observable physical interactions. This means that the models have become metaphysical belief systems. Some physicists dare to correctly call the situation the fall of theoretical physics as a science. To see it rise, we need an alternative path.

In the second volume, the author continues to build the Theory of Energy Harmony based on the model of the universal mechanism proposed in the first part of the study. This mechanism underlies all fundamental interactions and can be called a unifying physical principle. The model does not use any virtual “ghosts” or arbitrary postulated parameters. It is self-consistent and adequate to reality. It contains only empirically verifiable assumptions and predictions. This is a paradigm shift that takes us back to physics.

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