Part Six. Harmonies of the Mind

Part Six

Harmonies of the Mind

Physics and Physiology of Self


Our life depends on the internal harmony of the Mind. It is not a metaphor about some state of bliss but a physical concept about the frequency and phase coupling of nervous system elements.

The brain is an orchestra that plays the symphony of the Mind. This music is so complex that it has remained a tantalizing mystery for a century since the discovery of brain oscillations. Billions of neurons in our brain manage to co-tune so fine that it results in a unity of cognitive functions that we combine in one word — personality. Disturbances of this process lead to the disharmony that we call personality disorders and mental pathologies.

How does the brain create a coherent multi-sensory model of reality while maintaining each signal representation identity and at the same time preventing the world picture from falling apart into separate pieces? This ‘binding problem’ is one of the major questions in neuroscience.

The author proceeds from a simple assumption that the brain does not differ from the rest of the living matter and uses the universal mechanism that creates order out of chaos. The unity of Self is a physical phenomenon.

The book describes the spatio-temporal aspects of the physiological implementation of the physical binding mechanism and uncovers subtle nuances of brain polyphony and polyrhythm. The complexity of this music no longer overwhelms us if we use a consistent model as a template to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Theory of Energy Harmony and Teleological Transduction Theory worked out in the previous volumes of the series provide such a tool for unraveling the secrets of the Mind.

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