Part Five. Technologies of the Mind

Part Five

Technologies of the Mind

The Brain as a High-Tech Device


Cognitive science brain models usually ignore the technological side of the general question about the Mind. Leading theories and experimental studies write about physiology, biology, biochemistry, and biophysics of the brain’s processes. But there is a lack of integration into a holistic model. Descriptions fall into many parts and leave you wondering how this complex “machine” works?

Even if we get down to the smallest details, we will not combine them into a working model without understanding what part each one plays in the overall technological chain and what function it performs. It is necessary to describe the general laws of this systemic process.

In the fifth part of the study, the author continues the presentation of the Teleological Transduction Theory, which he began in the third and fourth parts, and explains the functioning of the Mind, revealing the technological aspects of the brain.


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