Part Five. Technologies of the Mind

Part Five

Technologies of the Mind

The Brain as a High-Tech Device


The brain is the source of sensations, emotions, desires, thoughts, memories, movement and behavior control. All these are aspects of the process we call the Mind. Despite a vast amount of data on the nervous system functioning down to the molecular level, no concept has yet uncovered the physical mechanism and the technology of this process.

With this aim in sight, the author continues to develop the Teleological Transduction Theory. The book contains hypotheses about the physical nature of the Mind and provides examples of how physics manifests in the nervous system physiology. It also shows how the Mind’s algorithm produces a reality model with constant updating based on incoming data and performs the self-learning functions.

The theory encompasses the physical processes that create the enormous capacity, speed and multi-level complexity of our memory. It solves the riddle of how the brain forms and reproduces a vast number of representations almost instantly.

Building a model of reality is not an end to itself. The final goal is to act based on this model. The nervous system specializes in controlling the body and organizing purposeful movement. But how does it perform the function? The book contains hypotheses about the technology and physical mechanism that create the observed speed and efficiency of motion control.

Taking all these aspects together, the proposed theory aims to cover the explanatory gap about the physical nature of the Mind

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