Part Seven. Inner Universe

Part Seven

Inner Universe

The Mind as Reality Modeling Process


The Mind is not a mirror of reality but the process of constructing the reality model. We comprehend the world through our senses and the processing of environmental signals by the brain.

The physical, physiological and technological details of this process were considered in the previous parts of the series. This volume describes the pitfalls on the road to forming an adaptive reality model.

Usually, the Mind copes with the job. However, sometimes the inner universe created by the brain ceases to be a map that helps orient in the outer world and even leads to dead-ends. We call these states the pathologies of the Mind.

There have been many attempts to unravel the mystery of mental illnesses: from ancient versions about the intrigues of the devil or god’s curse to modern hypotheses within psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience. However, the number of questions is only growing, and the answers have not fundamentally advanced from describing the ‘devilry.’

Naming external manifestations of a pathological state by a scientifically sounding label does not mean that we understand the disruptions of the internal physical process and breaks in the technological chain.

Based on the model of the brain’s normal functioning worked out in the previous volumes, the author begins to look at pathological states. The approach is to determine how the mechanism works and then understand what happens when it malfunctions. This book shows the way out of the vicious circle of symptomatologic approach and builds the bridge to the next volume entirely devoted to the pathologies of the Mind.

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