Part Seven. Inner Universe

Part Seven

Inner Universe

The Mind as Reality Modeling Process


The main question of philosophy is the relationship between Mind and Matter, thinking and being, subjective and objective, mental and physical. It is the question of the cognition of the world, the correspondence of the inner and outer Universe.

The development of natural sciences has led to the understanding that our Mind is the result of physiological processes in the nervous system. However, until we show how this physiology creates a picture of the world in our Mind, we can endlessly speculate that the whole point is in the brain’s cells and molecules.

The question has long been not whether the brain creates the picture of the world, but how the brain forms representations of the environmental signals and binds them into a coherent model of reality. What is the physics, physiology and technology of the process? Modern philosophers call it the “hard problem of consciousness,” hinting that it is unsolvable in principle.

In the seventh part of the study, the author continues to build a unified concept of the work of consciousness and gives physically, physiologically and technologically sound answers to the central question of philosophy. Thus, the question ceases to be general philosophical and moves from the domain of “hard problems” to the area of difficult but solvable practical scientific problems.

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