Part One. Music of Matter

Part One

Music of Matter

Mechanism of Material Structures Formation


In physics, as a branch of science that studies energy and matter, the central problem has always been the question of the mechanisms of energy interactions and the formation of material structures. There is a growing consensus that this may be the same mechanism as matter is a form of energy. But from this point, the disagreements start. Thus, the unified model of fundamental interactions (‘theory of everything’) remains out of reach.

The two currently leading theories, the Standard Model of elementary particle physics and the General Theory of Relativity, separately cover only part of the interactions. Moreover, they are incompatible since they proceed from hypotheses about different mechanisms. However, as they are considered impeccable dogmas that are both right, generations of physicists tried to unify them without any success. The thought that they may be both wrong is alien to the current mainstream of theoretical physics.

The author of the book breaks this taboo. He shows the fallacy of both models and suggests that trying to unify them is a meaningless pursuit. But criticism alone is not enough, and we need to find a way out. Instead of unifying old theories, we can build a new theory that unifies physical phenomena. In the first volume of the “Symphony of Matter and Mind” series, the author begins to develop a model of a universal mechanism operating at all levels of matter and in all types of energy interactions, thus indicating a way out of the impasse of theoretical physics.

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