Part One. Music of Matter

Part One

Music of Matter

Mechanism of Material Structures Formation


In physics, as a science that takes responsibility for the study of matter, the main question is about the mechanism of energy interactions leading to the emergence and decay of material structures. The task of creating a unified theory of fundamental interactions is the number one problem in theoretical physics. The two leading theories, the Standard Model of elementary particle physics and the General Theory of Relativity are incompatible since they proceed from hypotheses about fundamentally different mechanisms.

These theories cannot be both right, but they can be both wrong. However, they turned into indisputable official theoretical physics dogmas, and their possible fallacy became taboo. As a result, attempts to create a “theory of everything” proceed from the assumption that the existing models are correct, and, therefore, they have to be unified with each other. But such attempts fail despite the efforts of generations of theoretical physicists. Perhaps this is a dead-end line of thought, and the combination of the two mistakes does not make sense.

The author not only shows the origins of the error of leading theories of physics but proposes a way out based on a radical paradigm change: the unification of the description and explanation of the observed phenomena based on the hypothesis of a universal physical mechanism operating at all energy levels and in all types of fundamental interactions. It is not a union of old theories but a new theory that unites physical phenomena.

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