Part Four. Algorithm of the Mind

Part Four

Algorithm of the Mind

Teleological Transduction Theory


Our feelings and thoughts are material: it is a physical process in our body. The development of the possibilities for studying processes in a living organism allows us to move in the direction of a physically grounded answer to the fundamental ontological question: what is the Mind (Soul, Psyche)?

Unfortunately, the fascination with the details of physiology to the detriment of the systemic approach led to a paradox: the Mind disappeared from cognitive science studies’ focus. Besides, the emphasis on physiology led to overlooking two fundamental aspects: physical and technological.

The question has been and remains: what is the Mind physically, and how does it work? How do our brains create thoughts and feelings? What is the physics and technology of the Soul embodied in the physiology of the Body?

Based on the precise physical and technological definition of the Mind as a research object, given in the previous part of the study, the author continues to reveal the details of the process and begins to formulate the Teleological Transduction Theory.

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