Part Seven. Inner Universe

Part Seven

Inner Universe

The Mind as Reality Modeling Process


Mind is the process of building a model of reality by our brain. Usually this “inner universe” allows us to adapt to the outside world, but in some cases, it ceases to be a good guide and even leads to a dead end. We call these states mental illness. In ancient times, they were considered the machinations of the devil or God’s curse. Modern science gives them new names. However, they remain only general labels for a set of external manifestations of a pathological condition (syndromic approach). Without understanding the violations of the internal physical process, science helplessly wanders in the labyrinth of such pseudo-diagnoses, which leads to the current incurability of all systemic pathologies of the Mind. Many understand the fallacy of this approach, but lacking a concept of how the brain normally works, they are forced to walk in a vicious circle when it comes to its malfunctioning.

Based on the model developed in detail in previous volumes, the author makes generalizations about the normal state of the process of creating an adaptive reality model and begins to consider its dysfunctions. The book shows the way out of the labyrinth and builds bridges to the next volume, entirely devoted to the systemic pathologies of the Mind, considered from the point of view of specific violations of the physics and technology of the process.

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